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30 Incredible Before And After Makeup Transformations

Makeup won’t heal wounds but it can help people accept them. and that is exactly what Armenia-born and Moscow-based beauty guru Goar Avetisyan focuses on . Avetisyan regularly gives makeovers to women affected by ca’-nc-=er or severe skin conditions, and her work not only dramatically changes their appearance but boosts their confidence, too.

Looking at the before-and-after shots of her subjects, Avetisyan’s 4.6 million-big Instagram following doesn’t come as a surprise. Lashings of concealer, lip liner and clouds of hairspray – also as brilliant contouring – and that they all look excited about their new looks. Scroll right down to inspect the unbelievable transformations and upvote your favorites.

Women all round the world use it to point out how their faces change after they apply makeup. for a few girls, lipstick, blush, and eye shadow are just instruments that highlight their natural beauty, except for others, makeup is that the best thanks to change their look drastically.

#1 This Mom Of Two Never Had structure Done, Not Even For Her Wedding. She Said She’ll always remember This Moment

#2 Jamilya From Dagestan Got Severely bu-=rn-=eded When She Was Just 2,5 Years Old. Goar purchased The Tickets From Dagestan in order that She Could Have Her Confidence Boosted


#3 Right After The Transformation Julia visited The Hospital For Her Chemo Treatment. She And Her Husband Were Amazed With The Results

#4 Lily Went Through Two Skin-Transplant Operations due to Her Birthmark. Goar Succeded In Covering Up Her Scars to form Her Feel Gorgeous On the within And Out

#5 Kate features a Very Sensitive Skin, tons Of Moles And an enormous Scar. She Was Amazed With The Transformation


#6 Goar Saw This Woman Unexpectedly And Wanted to offer Her A structure Transformation She wouldn’t Forget

#7 Vlada Had 15 Eye Operations And Really Dreamed to possess A structure Transformation

#8 Ann Has Alopecia And This Transformation Made Her Feel More Motivated To Fight It


#9 Jekaterina Has Stage 4 ca’-nc-=er, But doesn’t Plan On abandoning . Goar Decided to offer Her a change As A Fresh Breath Of Positivity

#10 Goar Want’s To Prove That “Every Woman may be a Hollywood Star”. She visited Tashkent to offer Transformations In Her bedroom And This Was one among The Clients

#11 Goar Laid Out A Video With a change And Asked Subscribers Who would really like to possess One Too. She Got The Response From Svetlana Who Wanted an enormous Change After Chemotherapy


#12 Having Perfect Make-Up Includes Complicated Techniques. This One is named “Cut Crease”

#13 Harem Look On A Model With Acne-Prone Skin

#14 Marina Is Fighting carcinoma . Goar Decided To Support Her With This Transformation and provides Positive Emotions


#15 Goars’ Mom Came in the dark To Her to urge a glance For The Judgment Day of faculty Of Her Son Albert, Who’s Graduating

#16 many ladies Feel More Confident, one among Them Is Naira

#17 Goar Talked Her Grandmother Into Having a change For the primary Time In 9 Years. Her Smile Says It All


#18 She Also Does Everyday structure , Highlighting Natural Beauty

#19 Sania Was Dreaming For 3 Years Of Her Transformation. “On The Day Of Flight From Almaty To Moscow I Managed to form One Woman’s Dream Come True”

#20 Goar Has Many Students And Teaches the way to Do Perfect Make-Up


#21 structure Transformation On Oily Skin

#22 Make-Up Of Her Lovely Mother

#23 “I’ve Been Dreaming For an extended Time to try to to Make-Up To a woman With Such Loo”


#24 This Wonderfull Woman Got a very Amazing Transformation

#25 Trying to seek out The Strongest Facial Feature In Every Girl

#26 Every Client Comes With a special Story And Makes Every Make-Up Memorable


#27 Irina Got All Her Wrinkles Reduced With structure such a lot , They’re Barely Visible

#28 Goar Even Does Make-Up For Her relations . this is often Her Beautiful Mom


#29 Goar Likes to point out Difference Before And After The Transformation. This One Was Made In Tanzania

#30 Long Hidden Features Become Barely Noticeable

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