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10 Things Girls Do When Home

Being home alone is the best! You can do whatever you want, eat whatever you want and wear whatever you want. Having the house to yourself is a sacred time, here are 10 we-ird things we all do when we’re home alone – don’t deny it, we know your secrets!

#1 Trying out old clothes

Well ,girls are very possessive about their stuffs .They keep their old dresses as antiques and keep o trying them especially when they are home alone.


#2 Be nak-ed

This is one of the most common task girls do .obviously they care for their body and want to be free when no one sees them .They want to explore every inch which otherwise they aren’t able to.


#3 Trying Out new looks

They become the best makeover artist in the absence of everyone and try out cool ,appealing and sensuous looks ,all at the same time.Trying new beauty hacks and makeovers whether its eye shadow or a mix and match lip color, they are all set to try.


#4 Do karaoke

YouTube karaoke videos are addictive. Record yourself on Snapchat just to hear how great a singer you are or send it to your best friend. Only stop when you realise the windows are open. Did anyone say “Let it go?”


#5 Eat everything Available

Its not counted ,when no one is watching ,you see!! all junk is readily acceptable which otherwise a big no ,as girls are diet conscious many a times.


#6 Cry violently

Nobody’s home to be uncomfortable when you put on sad songs or movies and hug your pillow while you cry. There’s nothing really wrong, it’s just nice to have a good cry and think about the old times…


#7 Make the bed your hub

When home alone, the bed serves not only a place to sleep but office, dining room, living room and kitchen. What else is required in life than this luxury ?They don’t want to leave this wonderful place ,apart from the nature’s call.


#8 Talk to yourself

Its a rare activity ,which otherwise is highly appreciated and advised .It’s even better when no one is listening and you bother of on one and speak to yourself.Exactly what girls do when they are alone.


#9 Being Sherlock Homes

When you’re home alone, different thoughts comes to the mind .Girls have many ideas to secure themselves from the unwanted elements. They have many stories to build up at different situations ,likewise to hit that thief which is not even there ,with a rod or other stuff .


#10 Natural selfie time

Awkward Woman

When it comes to selfie ,who is better than the girls. They take several ugly selfies and continues till they click the ugliest ,which otherwise are deleted when in group.

Being a girl ,I can relate to all these facts ,what you gals have to say about it.Drop in your views in comment section.


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